Bowerbirds Played SPACE Gallery [6.20.12]

As promised, Bowerbirds played SPACE Gallery on Wednesday with opening sets by Basia Bulat and local favorites The Milkman’s Union. Check out the full gallery of photos by David Zwickerhill below! Continue reading Bowerbirds Played SPACE Gallery [6.20.12]

Tonight, And What We’ve Seen So Far

First things first: tonight, we’re presenting a free show at Slainte Wine Bar. Kicking off with Rural Ghosts, then Max Carcia Conover, Even Parker (if and it), and Greg Jamie (o’death/Blood Warrior, with Jeremy Robinson). See you there at 7pm?

Bonus: it’s already been a few very busy days, but at the end of this ride we’ll have tons of photos for you to see. For now, here’s a shot of one of our current favorite Maine acts, Coke Weed, joined by Micah Blue Smaldone, taken during our Free Range Fest Afterparty on Saturday night.

Coke Weed and Micah are on tour, with a stop in NH tonight before continuing on to NYC. Here are their upcoming dates:

Monday, April 30 – Portsmouth, NH @ The Red Door w/ Micah
Tuesday, May 1 – Providence, RI @ AS220 w/ Micah, Tig & Bean
Wednesday, May 2 – New York City, NY @ The Cake Shop w/ Micah, Steve Gunn
Thursday, May 3 – Williamsburg, Brooklyn @ Cameo Arts w/ Micah, A>G>E, Sun Watchers
Friday, May 4 – Northampton/Amherst, MA @ The Montague Bookmill w/ Micah
Saturday, May 5 – Hudson, NY @ The Spotty Dog w/ Micah, A>G>E
Sunday, May 6 – Boston, MA @ Gay Gardens (Allston) w/ Micah

Week Of Fun Underway. Free Range Fest Today!

Last night we kicked off a week of Maine shows with What Cheer? Brigade (photo above), Callers, The Milkman’s Union, and Nogar Family Band at the Dirigimus space in Portland. Now we’re heading up to Belfast, Maine for a full day of great music, thanks to the Free Range Fest (including the two headliners from last night). Don’t miss our festival afterparty at Three Tides, kicking off at 10pm. Get there early to make sure you can get in the show to see Great Western Plain, A Severe Joy, and Vistas at this free party! Full schedule for the day is here.

Don’t forget to get the sampler we put together for the Fest!

HillyTown Presented NYC [3.8.12]

Thursday night was our first time working with the Williamsburg, Brooklyn music venue Cameo Gallery. It’s an interesting spot, hidden in the back room of a restuarant in a pretty highly trafficked part of the neighborhood. That said, it feels like you’re walking in on a secret party, and that’s exactly what we liked about the night. All four bands (Weird Children, Diehard, Quiet Loudly, and – of course – Bangor’s When Particles Collide) were so much fun to work with and put on a great show. Nights like this are why we do these things. Read on for photos.

Jane’s Addiction Packed The State [3.3.12]

Alt-rock legends Jane’s Addiction played a sold out show (with openers Black Box Revelation) at the State Theatre in Portland on Saturday night. Read on for a full photo gallery from photographer Conall O’Brien below. Continue reading Jane’s Addiction Packed The State [3.3.12]

HillyTown Presented in Brooklyn [2.22.12]

Great Western Plain @ Union Hall

Great Western Plain @ Union Hall

Wow. Another awesome show with Maine and Brooklyn bands last night. Sometimes we feel like we’re getting away with something having this much fun. A great turnout and top notch performances from Field Mouse, Great Western Plain, and Shark? (plus some killer jams from the WHAT DJ?! team of I Rock I Roll and Battering Room) made for a memorable night at Union Hall. Thanks to everybody involved! Check out the photos below, and remember to snag tickets for our next NYC adventure: Thursday, March 8 @ Cameo in Williamsburg! Continue reading HillyTown Presented in Brooklyn [2.22.12]

Thurston Moore Sold Out SPACE [1.30.12]

I mean, of course he did, right? He’s Thurston Moore. That’s how that should work. All reports indicate an amazing show, openers MMOSS included. I have no doubts. Huck Photography was on hand to deliver these beautiful shots of the show for you. Continue reading Thurston Moore Sold Out SPACE [1.30.12]

HillyTown Presented (in Brooklyn) Again [1.31.12]

Two masks, two duos, a dance contest, and flowers? Yup, sounds like a HillyTown Presents show. At least on Tuesday night at Union Hall in Brooklyn, NY it was. A Severe Joy came down from Maine to play a show along with locals Genghis Hans and Mitten, and Poingly kept things fun with jams at the DJ booth, including an impromptu performance of one of his own songs/dance contest. The grand prize was an iron. And that’s just how we do it.

Check out photos from the whole show after the jump! Continue reading HillyTown Presented (in Brooklyn) Again [1.31.12]

o’death and Brown Bird Sold Out SPACE [1.27.12]

On Friday night, o’death returned to SPACE Gallery for a sold out show with Brown Bird and if and it. Brown Bird will be back in the area on February 18 with a show at The Oak + The Ax in Biddeford (which is run by Greg from o’death) before heading down to Texas for SXSW in March and on to the West coast. Read on for photos from Friday night! Continue reading o’death and Brown Bird Sold Out SPACE [1.27.12]

HillyTown Presented in Brooklyn [1.12.12]

Last night, HillyTown Presents landed in Brooklyn, New York. Portland’s Butcher Boy and their Boston-based tourmates The Cowboy Band joined Brooklyn locals The Goddamn Rattlesnake for an exciting night of music at Union Hall in Park Slope. We have two more shows coming up at the venue: 1/31 with A Severe Joy and 2/22 with Great Western Plain and more in the works at various venues in NY. Read on for photos from Thursday’s show below. Continue reading HillyTown Presented in Brooklyn [1.12.12]

Lady Lamb and The Milkman’s Union Played Brooklyn [12.15.11]

Noticing a theme here? On Wednesday, December 15, Lady Lamb and The Milkman’s Union (who have been recording together in Brooklyn) kicked off a brief tour at Union Hall in Park Slope along with their local pals Cuddle Magic. All just a couple days before Brenda hit the borough to play a diy show. The show at Union Hall actually wasn’t our doing at all, despite the fact that there are THREE HillyTown Presents shows coming up at that venue, bringing Maine acts to Brooklyn: Jan. 12 w/ Butcher Boy, Jan. 31 w/ A Severe Joy, and Feb. 22 w/ Great Western Plain. Spread the word and look for more down the road! For now, read on for photos from Aly and the boys. Continue reading Lady Lamb and The Milkman’s Union Played Brooklyn [12.15.11]

The Devil Makes Three Sold Out Port City [12.10.11]

The weekend of December 9th was a busy one in Portland. Here’s the first of a couple posts from that: The Devil Makes Three with opening act (and Portland favorite) Brown Bird at Port City Music Hall on Saturday, December 10. This show was sold out and from what we saw – a nonstop party for about 600 people. If this show was any indication of their growing popularity (sure, we know the headliner had quite a bit to do with it, but still…), you’ll want to pick up advance tickets for the Brown Bird show with o’death at SPACE on January 27 now.

Read on for photos, a video clip, and review by Huck Photography. Continue reading The Devil Makes Three Sold Out Port City [12.10.11]

Barr Brothers Played One Longfellow [12.3.11]

On Saturday night, Montreal’s Barr Brothers stopped in at One Longfellow Square in Portland for their first show in town. Read on for HillyTown photographer Louis’ take on the night and a full gallery from the band’s set. Continue reading Barr Brothers Played One Longfellow [12.3.11]

Coast City Comicon Made Nerds Rave [11.11.11]

Last weekend, Coast City Comics launched the first Coast City Comicon. Things kicked off with an epic “Nerd Rave” party at SPACE Gallery, featuring sets from Waranimal and Heloise & the Savoir Faire, as well as a pretty intense costume contest. Read on for a photo gallery from the kickoff party and some more of the Comicon. Continue reading Coast City Comicon Made Nerds Rave [11.11.11]

Bar Harbor’s Coke Weed Played Brooklyn [11.8.11]

As promised, we made it out to Littlefield in Brooklyn, NY to catch the last night of a short run of dates shared by Coke Weed (from Bar Harbor), Trummors (new project from a former member of Ted Leo and the Pharmacists), and A>G>E (a project from members of the French Kicks and the Walkmen). All three acts were great and “groove” was definitely a common thread, but we were particularly taken with Coke Weed’s headlining set, full of crafty guitar showmanship, VU-inspired drones, and a fresh take on that world between pop and psych rock. Read on for photos from the night. Continue reading Bar Harbor’s Coke Weed Played Brooklyn [11.8.11]