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Curbside Enthusiasm Preview

By Anders J. Nielsen

This First Friday the art walk will be getting a dose of local stand-up comedy in an unconventional venue: the back of a truck. Portland Comedy Co-op, a collective of comedians performing together since 2013, will be bringing their sets outside of the dark bars and clubs usually frequented by stand-ups in the Maine comedy scene.

I spoke with Aharon Hebert recently, a performer with the co-op and host of Friday’s show:

HT: How long has Portland Comedy Co-op been around? What is your mission statement?

AH: The Portland Comedy Co-op’s been around since 2013. We’re six comics that hung out a lot and figured we should have a name like the Justice League or the Baltimore Orioles. BELIEVE YOU ME there was some friction coming up with the name. We had to put it to a vote. We would like to build a returning comedy audience like the music scene. I think people go to a show and figure, “I saw it. I saw the comedy.” But, we’re always doing new jokes and every show is different. People get so excited at shows, thank us after, say it was amazing and then we don’t see them again. COME BACK!

What inspired you guys to do an alternative show like this?

Food trucks, art trucks, and I did a show in Boston in a truck, so theft. But, people don’t say everyone doing comedy in buildings is stealing from someone, so I don’t feel too bad. We’re doing this mostly to promote our monthly show at One Longfellow Square and renting a truck is cheaper than a newspaper ad.

Can we expect any other unconventional events in the future?

We are planning a show in a grocery store bathroom for July, so look for that. And if this truck show, goes well we’ll do it again.

How can someone newer to the comedy scene get involved with Portland Comedy Co-op?

If you’re going to open mics and shows and talking to other comics you probably know us but, if not, come to a show and talk to us.


Curbside Enthusiasm hosted by Doug Collins and Aharon Willows
6-8pm First Friday at 51 Oak St
With James Spizuoco, Katie Ferreira, Connor McGrath, Anna Conathan and more!

Other upcoming shows featuring PCC:

  • “Fun Longfellow” every first Monday at One Longfellow. Doors at 7, show at 8. $5.
    May 4th features Tawanda Gona and Sam Jay from Boston and Brad Howe from NYC.
  • Guthries in Lewiston every first Thursday at 8.
  • “Brew Haha” at Rising Tide Brewery June 26th at 8.

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