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Friday Roundup: Action Bronson, Builder of the House, Instagram and more!

Kate Beever (right) and Poopin' Louie in Kitty Critic's last video of its first season.

Action Bronson at the State Theatre. Photo by Andrew Foster.

Pop quiz, HillyTowners! If the Hilly Town Cinematic Universe had its own Avengers team, who would be in it? I want your most thought-out answers in the comments section, ideally in the form of a drawing that someone can use for a Hella Sweet © gig poster.

Did you already forget? The Portland Phoenix announced the winners of its 2015 Best of Portland, and it includes some BEST BUDS like SPACE Gallery (best gallery), Bull Moose (best CDs) and State Theatre (best rock venue). It seems that the alt-weekly’s best blog category, of which Hilly Town has been a past recipient, has been killed off in favor of the more satiating best food blog category. It’s aight tho. Portland Food Map is dope.

I sometimes say things that should embarrass me, but make sure you check out our Hella Sweet © photos of Action Bronson’s show at the State Theatre. I’m apparently the only person in the HCU who hasn’t listened to him yet, so I’m addressing that problem right now… Sounds pretty good!

Now I’m directing your attention to Jakob Battick’s review of Brown Bird’s last album, because I think he does a good job of summing up how much MorganEve Swain and the late David Lamb have meant to this local music scene:

From their early days on Portland’s own Peapod Recordings through their time as an internationally acclaimed touring folk act, Lamb could always be trusted to write songs as intense as they were beautiful, and as razor-sharp in vision as they were humble and soulful. It’s a stupefying tragedy that he should have been taken away from the world so soon, but Axis Mundi stands as the most perfect possible parting note Lamb could have left.

Leveret is kicking off its East Coast tour with a free show on Saturday. Read all about it here so we can get more pageviews. The Portland Phoenix has the lowdown on the Saturday show’s two supporting acts, S.S. Cretins and Baroses.

If you found yourself laughing in the back of a truck at today’s First Friday Art Walk, it’s likely you were enjoying the work of the Portland Comedy Co-op (and you didn’t even know it!). Check out our Q&A with the show’s host, Aharon Hebert, right here.

Remember Guster? TOO BAD. IT’S SOLD OUT.

Builder of the House is playing a show at SPACE Gallery on Saturday. If you go, you will bear witness to the Maine Marimba Ensemble, a group that gives me absolute glee every time I see them. I also always feel compelled to take an Instagram video of them for some reason:

My monthly therapy session. #PortlandMaine

A video posted by Dylan Martin (@dylanljmartin) on

Well, that’s it, folks. I hope I didn’t miss anything cool (even though I probably did).

Song of the week:

I think this qualifies as a Hilly Town song. It’s “Ghost Tonight” by Chairlift, a band that doesn’t seem to be around anymore. Oh well.