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Fur drop a new video for “Bronze” and announce album release show


I’ve made it pretty clear by now that I’m a huge fan of everything that Greg Bazinet, Tara and Brian Cohen have been involved with musically. From their scrappy roots playing (for the most part) acoustic-tinged punk, to their all-out epic and final album under The Rattlesnakes banner, Spine..

But as some famous guy from awhile ago one said: “The times they are a’changing,” and The Rattlesnakes have been given their burial rights and it’s time to get very, very excited about the next sister band to come from The Rattlesnakes — Fur — who just released a DIY video for “Bronze” the first official studio track from their new album 2 Hearted Horse. 

From the Yo La Tengo vocal interplay and slow-burn rhythm section, to the the endearingly beautiful guitar melodies à la Galaxie 500.

Despite any phase of “arrested development” that those comparisons could bring, trust us — “Bronze” shows a level of growth and musical maturity only hinted at in Spine and prior releases. Hearted Horse is already a front-runner for one of my favorite albums of the year and I haven’t even heard the entire album yet.

To celebrate the release of their debut album, the Fur trio will be playing Mathew’s Pub next Friday, starting at 9 p.m.

Joining the festivities will be All Night, TG9 and New Jersey’s own Zebras And Bulls Fight Tonight. Four days earlier on 4/20, 2 Headed Horse will be available for you to own your very own copy of in nearly every medium under the sun digitally, cassette, compact disc and streaming on their Bandcamp (where their collection of singles from last year is available to tide you over until 4/20.) 

I guess it might just be time for me to replace my Rattlesnakes pin on my denim jacket if Fur keeps this up.