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Mathew’s 4th Annual Rooftop Show Preview and set times

Every year an ominous specter of fried food, tweens and (somehow more) paintings of lighthouses completely shut down an entire city as Portland’s Old Port Festival beats it into our heads that yes, summer is fast approaching. And a plea that we have bands that can make a nice crossover hit or two.

This of excludes the Maine Academy of Modern Music Stage which is doing amazing things like a Mad Scientist on the Children’s Performance Stage, or a MAMM Slam from 2-3:30 p.m. and shows from bands who are ranging in age from children to parents. What the Maine Academy Modern Music does is spectacular and necessary. 

So yes, of course there is music at the Old Port Festival and a complete list of this year’s festival events can be found here — but if our tone didn’t give it away, the Old Port Festival isn’t exactly for everyone, or more likely anyone usually found wandering into Hilly blog territory.

So for those of you who want an alternative to the mass of tourists and selfiesticks — the fourth annual Rooftop Show at Mathew’s Pub located at 133 Market Street kicked off last night  — oh, and is still going on.

Sorry. But don’t freak out too much if you missed some great acts like Fur or Mouth Washington…or the dare we say criminal genius of Jeff Beam

Anyway, this year’s rooftop show started with a set by HillyTown sweethearts Cheerwine upstairs on the roof.

And let’s just say Hillytowncore  will be very represented.

And the group of bands closing it down during the first now…well, downstairs is comprised of everyone’s favorites including ours. Leveret, Jeff Beam, IDMTHEFTABLE and the amazement of what a Hi Tiger show is in person. Day one completely wraps up tonight with a rooftop show at 9:40 p.m. by Great Western Plain that will end Day One of the 4th Annual Rooftop ( what has now become the) Festival.

We don’t know about you, but the $3 that you spent for the whole day will be worth it just for that closing set. Have you listened to Elastic Smile? Because you should.

Things do gain an obvious harder edge on the second day of the two day local music extravagance — perhaps an extension of the Dirigimus Rooftop Festival from years prior? But it’s going to bring you those moments you know that somehow you find comfort in the mass of people surrounding you.

Of course, the insanity that is Hessian will have a set during the second day — we couldn’t think of a more perfect fit.

Oh. Did we mention Falls of Rauros? Yeah, the dudes will be there. So, I think you know it will be one of those “Glory Days” moments from the Springsteen hit.

And here is the complete schedule for your 4th Annual Rooftop Shop (which is just about to get underway) at Mathew’s Pub Rooftop located at 133 Free Street. ***

Saturday June 13/ $3.00 Admisison

Cheerwine: 1:25 p.m

Kaltenbrunner :2:25

Batterystool: 3:00

Tranx / Brightboy/Alterdgee: 3:40

Badleg: 4:30
Fur: 5:00
RSO : 5:40
SS Cretins: 7:00
Sterling Black: 7:45
All Night: 8:20
Mouth Washingto: 9:00
Great Western Plain: 9:40

Gregory Raimo: 2:00
Jeff Beam: 4:00
Leveret: 4:55
Hi Tiger: 6:00
Soft Eyes: 7:00
Birdrib: 8:30

Day Two, Starting at 11 a.m. duh!

Eastern Spell
The Restless Atlantic
Holy Filth
Stone Tools
Falls of Rauros
Manic Abraxas
Old etc.
American Burn
Dead Elect
Capture the Sun

***So that’s that — well, my personal thought on it. I have never had a positive experience walking through the Old Port Festival…it’s everything I close myself off from the possibility of negative experiences with little or no reason. I bolded the ones I suggest personally (again, apologies that I don’t venture too far from my safety zone)

So to everyone this weekend — Go see some shows on this great weekend these next few days. It’s always worth the small cost to catch some of these bands before you lose the chance. We’ve all got personal preferences. I loved the firs Ke$ha record the most so — take what I see with a massive grain of salt.

But the real question is if the rain will hold off…which has moved the indoor portion completely crammed into a small area. So here is my dream —  have Fur or Badleg back us all into a very, very, dirty corner booth and play extremely close to us.

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