Some People Get Thirsty: El Rayo Michelada

I know, two food-related posts in a row? I thought this was a music blog! Don’t worry, it is. I just enjoy food, as you may have noticed. Drinks, too.

At El Rayo Taqueria (aka that new taco joint in Portland that’s really good) yesterday I noticed an interesting beverage on the drink menu: a Michelada. It was described as “Beer of choice served over ice with Worcestershire sauce, lime, tabasco, and salt.” Sounded perfect to me.
El Rayo Taqueria Michelada

When I ordered it I was asked “are you from the Southwest?”


“Have you lived in Mexico?”


“Been there?”

Not once.

“Oh. Usually those are the only people that drink this.”

Seemed like a good sign to me! The chili powder and salt along the top rim was pretty intense – I described it as tasting like licking a barbecue grill (not that I’ve done that), but the drink overall was really delicious and refreshing. The spice is great (I’m also a fan of Bloody Marys) and the concept of beer over ice/in a mixed drink is great. I had mine with Dos Equis and that seemed to work out pretty well.

Now if only someone would open up a late-night taco truck in Portland, all my Mexican food-related needs would be fulfilled!