Why Won’t [insert name of your favorite band here] Come To Portland?

Good question, music fan. Over at Dylan’s blog, Port City Music Hall (among other venues) booker Lauren does a good job of addressing that issue. It’s an unfortunate state of affairs, but it’s true, getting some of the acts that many of us would love to see here in Portland is just impossible for a number of reasons. If you have a problem with a jam band or cover band-heavy schedule in town (which, from what I can tell, a good number of people do), just take a look at how many tickets they sell and compare it to what she says about Animal Collective and Clinic for a little perspective. In a town where a cover charge over $8 gets the hairy eyeball, it’s not hard to believe that asking $12 would handicap even a very strong bill. I’d love to hear any thoughts about ticket prices and the kinds of bands that you’d like to see in Portland but don’t normally get to.