Curbside Enthusiasm Preview

This First Friday the art walk will be getting a dose of local stand-up comedy in an unconventional venue: the back of a truck. Portland Comedy Co-op, a collective of comedians performing together since 2013, will be bringing their sets outside of the dark bars and clubs usually frequented by stand-ups in the Maine comedy scene. . . . → Read More: Curbside Enthusiasm Preview

First First Friday of 2011

A week into the new year and it’s already becoming clear that 2011 will be a very fun, very BIG year for a lot of what people have going on in Portland and all of Maine. I’m excited. I hope you are too. On to a few suggestions for the first First Friday Art Walk . . . → Read More: First First Friday of 2011

DoorYard Collective Multimedia Installation

As mentioned, the DoorYard Art Collective made a grand return to the monthly First Friday Art Walk in Portland with a full installation and open studio experience. If you’ve ever been to the DoorYard before (or Soundpost, or Stillhouse…) you may not recognize it these days, as it’s changed quite a bit. Check out . . . → Read More: DoorYard Collective Multimedia Installation