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Distant Correspondent Interview + mp3

Interview by Kevin Steeves.

MP3 Downloads for this post have expired. Exclusive mp3 stream/download: Distant Correspondent – “Badlands”

If you’ve been following the Brooklyn-based metal fusion band Goes Cube (who have played a few HillyTown Presents shows in Portland) for the past nine years, it might be difficult to believe that vocalist and guitarist . . . → Read More: Distant Correspondent Interview + mp3

HillyTown Presented at SPACE [5.10.11]

On Tuesday night, we welcomed the return of Brooklyn metal band Goes Cube back to Portland with a HillyTown Presents show at SPACE Gallery. Local party metal thrashers Waranimal and Peapod punks Huak rounded out the night of loud music.

Waranimal are playing a show tonight at Geno’s, and Huak have a . . . → Read More: HillyTown Presented at SPACE [5.10.11]

HillyTown Presents: Goes Cube + Waranimal + Huak

Who HillyTown Presents: Goes Cube + Waranimal + Huak When Tuesday, May 10, 2011 8:00pm – $8 – 18+ Where SPACE Gallery (map) 538 Congress St Portland, ME, USA 04101 Other InfoIt would be easy to call Brooklyn’s Goes Cube a metal band. After all, their music is heavy, loud, and often fast. But Goes Cube continually demonstrates that it exists in a universe all its own: outside the trends and styles of New York (where the band formed), and outside of the standard metal tropes – drawing on influences that also include punk, hardcore, noise, and indie rock. Their idea is simple: make the heavy heavier, fast faster, hooky hookier, and pretty prettier. Their new disc – In Tides And Drifts (The End Records) – even calls upon folk singer Jaymay, whose haunting melodies break hearts as the band behind her batters eardrums. Waranimal are a totally excellent party metal band who recently gave us a strong contender for show of the winter season by filling SPACE with a bounce house, silly string, and a whole lot of crowdsurfing dudes in hawaiian shirts. Local punk (post-punk/hardcore/political/art/just-call-it-great) quartet Huak have a new full length coming this summer and open this show. HillyTown Presents works with both national touring acts and Maine musicians to curate unique live music experiences.

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SXSW Bands: Goes Cube (Brooklyn, NY)

South By Southwest 2011 is just under a month away, and enjoying 5 days of nonstop live music requires a bit of preparation. I’ll be looking at some of the acts I hope to catch, including bands from Maine, those who regularly play in Portland, and national acts who will hopefully make it through here . . . → Read More: SXSW Bands: Goes Cube (Brooklyn, NY)

Clues / Goes Cube / Marie Stella

Who Clues / Goes Cube / Marie Stella When Friday, July 31, 2009 9:00pm – $6 – 21+ Where Empire (map) 575 Congress Portland, ME, USA Other InfoClues [Montreal] + Goes Cube [NYC] + Marie Stella [Portland]

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