Splendora Cölt Played Their First Gig + Show Announcement! [8.16.11]

In the time since the demise of local chaos-fueled folk rockers Dead End Armory, Wesley Hartley and the Traveling Trees saw Wesley’s Texas roots coming to the forefront in a more subdued setting. Now that project has dropped a member and turned up the volume as Splendora Cölt, a trio that rides the line . . . → Read More: Splendora Cölt Played Their First Gig + Show Announcement! [8.16.11]

Arootsakoostic Field Report

Our friends in the band When Particles Collide (they played a recent HillyTown Presents show in Biddeford) checked out the Arootsakoostic Music Festival this weekend and were kind enough to share their thoughts and images from the experience with us on the site. Check it out below: words by Sasha Alcott and photos by Chris . . . → Read More: Arootsakoostic Field Report

Jolie Holland and Sallie Ford Were Here [7.7.11]

With SPACE Gallery becoming a regular tour destination for Jolie Holland, on Thursday she brought her tour in support of the just-released album Pint of Blood through Portland. In a move that it seems we’re seeing more and more, members of the excellent opening band, Portland, OR-based Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside, are . . . → Read More: Jolie Holland and Sallie Ford Were Here [7.7.11]

Dinosaur Jr. Was Here (with Henry Rollins) [6.20.11]

We’ve heard a lot of different reports on how Monday’s Dinosaur Jr. show at Port City Music Hall went. The most common response was “It was sooooo loud!” or “My ears are still ringing!” One fan even swears that he wore earplugs for the first time in his life, despite decades of hearing loss . . . → Read More: Dinosaur Jr. Was Here (with Henry Rollins) [6.20.11]

Deep Heaven Now Recap [6.11.11]

This past weekend at SPACE Gallery, the Somerville, MA-based psych/shoegaze festival, Deep Heaven Now, landed in Portland for two days. Check out photos from the first day, which included Quilt, MMOSS, Foam Castles, 28 Degrees Taurus, and Metal Feathers. Mister Chris & the Instant Animals (or is it Mystery?) opened the night.

. . . → Read More: Deep Heaven Now Recap [6.11.11]

Vanityites Played Empire [6.10.11]

It’s that time again when we play catch up on photo posts! Last week Vanityites played a show at Empire with Phoenix Best Music champs Mallet Brothers Band and photographer Andrew Foster was there to check it out and sent these photos. This band puts on an unforgettable, exciting show and has just . . . → Read More: Vanityites Played Empire [6.10.11]

Planets Around The Sun Interview

Interview by Matt Dodge. Whispering Altar photos by Bryan Bruchman.

A spectacle at the center of Portland’s folk/pysch/drone scene for the last three years, Planets Around the Sun will take their leave of the city in the coming weeks.

. . . → Read More: Planets Around The Sun Interview

A Robot Presented at Flask [6.9.11]

Thursday night at Flask Lounge was one of those fun, low-key local shows that just feels so great. A Robot has been doing a great job putting together free shows, and everything aligned to make this one in particular especially fun. It’s no secret that HillyTown loves if and it and Butcher Boy, but . . . → Read More: A Robot Presented at Flask [6.9.11]

HillyTown Presented: Lovers [6.4.11]


With a busy schedule of HillyTown Presents shows over the past couple of months, we’ve had the opportunity to work with some great local and national acts, including longtime favorites and bands we were seeing for the first time. This past Saturday in Biddeford, we brought you Lovers – a trio from Portland, OR . . . → Read More: HillyTown Presented: Lovers [6.4.11]

Portugal. The Man Played Port City [6.1.11]

After catching most of Neon Trees at the State, I ran down to Port City Music Hall for a show that’s been a long time coming to Portland: from Alaska (by way of the other Portland), Portugal. The Man are one of those bands that have a way of capturing fans’ attention in a . . . → Read More: Portugal. The Man Played Port City [6.1.11]

Neon Trees Played The State [6.1.11]

Last night was a busy one for national acts in town. I started at the State Theatre for Neon Trees before heading down Congress Street (see my post on Portugal. The Man coming soon). I wasn’t actually too familiar with the headliner or openers The Limousines, but both acts pushed the electro/pop genre hard . . . → Read More: Neon Trees Played The State [6.1.11]

Mission Of Burma Played SPACE [5.28.11]

In the middle of a busy holiday weekend of shows in Portland, legendary Boston punk band Mission Of Burma came up once again to try out some new songs at SPACE Gallery. This time around, the band didn’t have sound engineer/loopist Bob Weston in tow, so drummer Peter Prescott handled the looping duties and . . . → Read More: Mission Of Burma Played SPACE [5.28.11]

Will Gattis and Jeff Beam Played TWO [5.24.11]

The same night as the Dawes/Brett Dennen show just down the road, two eponymous local acts took the stage for Port City Music Hall‘s weekly TWO show. Both 60’s psych/britpop-inspired rocked Jeff Beam (his band dropped the Ice Storm… part) and Foldsian piano man Will Gattis have have featured albums here on HillyTown in . . . → Read More: Will Gattis and Jeff Beam Played TWO [5.24.11]

Dawes Finally Played Portland [5.24.11]

Back in July 2009, Dawes were scheduled to play a show at SPACE Gallery on their tour supporting Deer Tick (who were also just in town), but the show ended up getting canceled so the California band never got to make their Portland, Maine debut. Nearly two years later, they finally made it back . . . → Read More: Dawes Finally Played Portland [5.24.11]

Crosby & Nash Photo Recap [5.21.11]

On Saturday, May 21, folk legends David Crosby and Graham Nash brought their long-running duo to Portland for a gig at the State Theatre. Read on for photos by Conall O’Brien.