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4th Anual Christmas Rock Spectacular w/ Rotundo Sealeg / Good Kids Sprouting Horns / Strawberry Allstars / Wood Burning Cat

Old Man Forest / Rotundo Sealeg

Rotundo Sealeg / Ye / The Rattlesnakes

The Leftovers / Grand Hotel / Afghan Banana Stand / Rotundo Sealeg

Huak / Gin Circus / Rotundo Sealeg / Shabti

Rotundo Sealeg / Mark Summers / Computer at Sea / Argyle Effect

ALL AGES: Feel It Robot / the 500s / Rotundo Sealeg

HillyTown Presented: 2.22.09

It’s been an eventful week around here (and it all culminates tomorrow with the big party). The fun started on Sunday at Slainte with Poingly, Eric Hnatow, Rotundo Sealeg, and a room full of dancing maniacs who braved a pretty heavy snowstorm to come out and party.


HillyTown Presents: Rotundo Sealeg / Poingly / Eric Hnatow

Reclaim Your World Registration To Rock Concert

Mt. Moon (last show) / Huak / Full Contact Kitty / Rotundo Sealeg