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Metal Feathers come out of hiding tonight at SPACE

Metal Feather’s performing at 2011’s HillyTown Party Barge

We hope you’ll forgive us for forgetting momentarily about Portland’s Metal Feathers — but we are quick to forgive lapses in activity for anything that we know has a proven track record in Portland over here at HillyTown.

So yes, the fact is that it’s been […]

Mouth Washington album release show and tour starts tomorrow night at SPACE


Maybe you’ve noticed that one our featured albums for the last week has been Don’t Mean, the newest release from the Portland Dirigimus Cooperative noise-onslaught of Zach and Max Hansen, alongside Ian Gierhan and Sam Landry — better known as the four piece Mouth Washington.

Don’t Mean is everything you’ve come to expect […]

PUNKFEST 4 – [venue info in event description] – 05/27/12

Shabti / Falls of Rauros / DA / Razormaze / Ramlord – [venue info in event description] – 05/18/12

Elephant / Tom K. / Rural Ghosts / Tralala – The Oak & The Ax – 05/17/12

Busy Month In Biddeford

Our friends at The Oak + The Ax in Biddeford sent along their new flyer, listing their schedule through April. Take a look, and as always keep an eye on their site for updates (which we try to stay on top of at our showlist as well). They have some great shows coming up that […]

CMJ Announcements! Portland Showcase + Day Party + Compilation

I told you I had some news coming. Let’s start with the first ever (that I’ve heard of) Portland, Maine Official CMJ Music Marathon Showcase.

Featuring 7 bands from Maine (and involved in the Portland scene), this showcase will take place on Saturday, October 23rd at Trash Bar (256 Grand St.) in the Williamsburg […]