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New Brenda Video – “Girl Don’t Grow”

Brenda is currently the band at the center of the Portland indie rock scene. With deep roots and infinite connections musically and socially that touch almost everybody who spends their nights practicing and playing shows in our many venues, the trio also happens to have a knack for writing catchy songs that share a piece […]

The Congress Street Vinyl District

In a front page story with the headline “Record Prophets,” the Portland Daily Sun […]

Shawn Lawrence, Sounds Absurd

As I mentioned last week, a new record shop has opened in downtown Portland. Sounds Absurd is a welcome addition to the Arts District, and I stopped by on opening day (Black Friday) to check out the store and ask owner Shawn Lawrence some questions. Read on for his answers and photos from inside […]

Opening A New Record Shop? That Sounds Absurd!

There’s a new vinyl-only record shop (LPs & 45s) opening in Portland this week. Check it out this (Black) Friday (November 27) as they open their doors for the first time.

Sounds Absurd has taken over the space at 55 Oak Street that was formerly occupied by Herbs Gully, who shut their doors […]