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North Star Music Cafe Closing Sunday

Sad news in the Munjoy Hill live music, coffee, and good food world: North Star Music Cafe will be closing their doors for good this Sunday. The cafe asked for help from the community to keep their doors open earlier this year to much support, but it sounds like it just didn’t work out. The […]

The State Theatre Returns (With A Little Help From NYC And VT)

The State Theatre is reopening this Fall, with Lauren Wayne as general manager. Note: the above is by no means an official image/logo, as this new partnership and the State will have its own identity.

In NYC, Bowery Presents is the only promoter that matters (in the world of clubs and bars, not so much […]

State Theater. Finally?

It’s not quite the confirmation that we’re all looking for, but it’s at least looking good: through all the speculation and rumors, there is now at least some solid info out there about the renovation of the State Theater. Read the Press Herald article here, and if you happen to have a couple million […]

Port City What?

Months ago the Port City Music Hall announced, via signs in the window of their perpetually-reconstructing space, that a Fall opening was imminent. A couple weeks ago the report came out that the big unveiling would go down on New Years, but this week the Phoenix announced that the date had been pushed back […]

Venue List, Spreading Out, (Not) Getting Burned

Looking for a list of shows happening at your favorite venue? We’ve got you covered! Check out the new Venue List. It’s still being worked on, but you’ll be able to see what a venue looks like, get some basic location and contact info, and find out what shows are happening there.

While this […]