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AFRAID drops new album — playing Poland Street show on Friday

Poland Street

Poland Street


Oh no — is HillyTowncore becoming a thing again? We’ll slow down that descent soon and promise that we’ll be expanding our coverage as the winter hibernation of Portland starts to shake-off and new releases come our way.

For example, check out the new Haru Bangs Mixtape; or dare we consider the indie hip-hop scene in Portland and the debut of the Micodin, Consolation Prize, and Dynamo-P trio of The Craftsmen?

Maybe the early classic of High Spirits Summer Singles from earlier in the year will warm you until the real thaw starts here in Portland?

But let’s take a moment to say hello again to our friends at AFRAID.

The Portland trio just dropped their debut video for the first single off of Sinister Vibes. “Baby Fangs ’77.” is exactly what you would expect from an AFRAID video — somber poolside performances, hypnotic video speed and (spoilers) blood. Lots and lots of blood.

If that track didn’t get you excited for Sinister Vibes, which was just released today through West Virginia Indie label Crash Symbols, take our personal recommendation. It’s great —  we got our hands on the album a little early and it’s creep to the core.

In other HillyTowncore news, AFRAID will be playing a show at Poland Street this Friday at 6:30 p.m. with favorite Lisa/Liza, SS Cretins and Nova Scotian natives, Walrus. Like all of the museums we actually go to, it’s donation based admission. But let’s admit, Nova Scotia travel has to be a little heavy on gas money. Like 550 miles heavy on gas money.