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Cuddle Magic goes from Lady Lamb opening to SPACE headliners

First of all, apologies for the lack of updates over here the ol’ HillyTown home — between the flu, SXSW, and multiple full-time jobs, things have been a bit busy at HQ. But no worries: we don’t want Hilly to fade into a Portland myth like The Taxis or Marie Stella.

Let’s start with one degree of separation from HillyTown favorite (and Cydni Lauper fan) Lady Lamb.

During Aly Spaltro’s most recent national tour under the Lady Lamb banner to celebrate the release of Afterwhich included a much loved homecoming show at Port City Music Hall — her supporting act was Brooklyn’s Cuddle Magic, who will be coming back to our city for a show next week at SPACE.

Blending the atmospheric chamber music of Grizzly Bear with the eclectic electronic mishmash of Age Of Adz era Sufjan Stevens, Cuddle Magic’s juxtaposition of atmospheric, orchestrated spaces overlaying basic Casio electronics is a perfect — even if unexpected – mashup of sounds.

And of course, because we are HillyTown, you’ve probably heard of Cuddle Magic’s supporting acts from the Pretty Purgatory artist collective out of Portland: Butcher Boy and Family Planning.

If Cuddle Magic is eclectic due to their juxtaposition of lush chamber orchestration and low budget electronics, Portland’s Butcher Boy is eclectic in nearly every other definition. From their occasional donning of face-paint, to their hypnotic drum and bass extended grooves, Butcher Boy’s music has the unique ability to draw inspiration from classic world folk and 80’s post-punk. If you need a cathartic release after this seemingly never-ending winter the primal feelings of this Pretty Purgatory quartet will be the perfect prescription.

Joining Cuddle Magic and Butcher Boy are fellow Pretty Purgatory comrades Family Planning — whose most recent release was John Wayne Frankenstein — which has received almost unanimous critical praise for their mix of math rock, jazz and avant garde. It’s not all that surprising given the musical lineage of the band. But make no mistake — John Wayne Frankenstein is one of the most promising releases to come out of Portland within the last year. It’s beautiful, heartbreaking and a work of passion.

Cuddle Magic, Butcher Boy and Family Planning will be taking the stage next week on Thursday, April 16 at SPACE starting at 8:30 p.m.