Sunset Hearts at Empire Photo Recap [11.11.10]

While Mister Wakefield was enjoying some comedy down the street, I was at Empire for Sunset Hearts‘ second ever show. I’d missed the first one but heard great things about it, so I made sure to be there this time around. The group formed after coming together to perform as the Talking Heads for a Clash Of The Titans show (also at Empire) earlier this year and is comprised of members of other current and recent Portland bands, including Satellite Lot, Huak/Rattlesnakes, Marie Stella (all three of my bandmates from that group are in this one, actually), An Evening With, and Elf Princess Gets A Harley. It’s a pretty eclectic group of talented musicians, but the interesting thing is that even with 8 people on stage, the music is so focused and well-orchestrated, that the focus remains on frontman (and songwriter) Casey McCurry. It was my first time really seeing him onstage in any type of commanding role, but I was impressed by the performance. Download their tunes, catch the next show, and check out the photos below.

All photos by Bryan Bruchman.