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The Devil Makes Three Sold Out Port City [12.10.11]

The weekend of December 9th was a busy one in Portland. Here’s the first of a couple posts from that: The Devil Makes Three with opening act (and Portland favorite) Brown Bird at Port City Music Hall on Saturday, December 10. This show was sold out and from what we saw – a nonstop party for about 600 people. If this show was any indication of their growing popularity (sure, we know the headliner had quite a bit to do with it, but still…), you’ll want to pick up advance tickets for the Brown Bird show with o’death at SPACE on January 27 now.

Read on for photos, a video clip, and review by Huck Photography.

The Devil Came Up To Portland

Stomped. Check.
Smashed. Yup.
Slashed and Crashed. Indeed
Bashed and Busted and Burned – (and sold out the joint). Oh, hell yes.

If you were to have suspended your ability to hear, stood with your back to the stage and looked out into the crowd at Port City Music Hall this past Saturday night you probably would have guessed that behind you up there something or someone must be be raging loudly and wildly. Cranking it out at top volume. Whipping the crowd into a frenzy. Prompting them to shake and rattle the gates. Forcing security to toss at least one overzealous fan out the back door. (Don’t blame the Devil.)

But turn around and what you find are two dudes and a girl on acoustic instruments. This is The Devil Makes Three.

Self-described as aspiring to do for American music what the Pogues did for Irish music – a pretty awesome goal – Pete Bernhard (guitar, banjo, vocals) Lucia Turino (upright bass, vocals) and Cooper McBean (guitar, banjo, vocals) brought their unique brand of “garage folk” to Portland last weekend, set up shop atop the risers at PCMH and… to put it bluntly… kicked ass.

Along with supporting act, Brown Bird – comprised of David Lamb (guitar, banjo, percussion, vocals) and MorganEve Swain (fiddle, cello, upright bass, vocals) – this night of music proved that less can not only be more but that it can also be loud-rocking-foot-stomping-right-on-good.

For a taste of the band in action check out their new live album “Stomp and Smash – Live at the Mystic Theater.”