Horse Thief’s Bloodline Totem Poles Out Today

Mckeensstreet Music is a Portland-based label with a small but growing roster of acts across the country (you are likely well-acquainted with their arguably most well-known group, Brenda) and they’ve been smart with promotion through free album downloads. Today, they released Bloodline Totem Poles, the debut album from Horse Thief, aka Chad Chamberlain. Fans . . . → Read More: Horse Thief’s Bloodline Totem Poles Out Today

mckeenstreet music

This year officially sees the launch of Graeme K’s new label, mckeenstreet.

The first releases will begin to roll out in May and include efforts by Brenda, Dethro, The Last Sip (Vince Nez), Horse Thief (Chad Chamberlain), and Graeme K. Feeling a little lost? I suggest starting with these videos to get acquainted with . . . → Read More: mckeenstreet music