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Eat Cloud / Apald / Brian Levin

Hush Arbors / Jason Ajemian / Brian Levin

Burst and Bloom Holiday Show w/ Guy Capacelatro III / Moons of Jupiter

BUOY Is Pretty Much Magic

What, is the title a little too much? But it’s true! Billed on the Facebook event as “HOMETOWN FAVS & LOVES AFAR|||SOUNDS oF LIMITLESS GENEROSITY,” it seemed likely that there’d be warm and fuzzy feelings at Kittery’s BUOY Gallery for last night’s show, which included hometown favorite Nat Baldwin (of Dirty Projectors), Brooklyn sax […]

SCHOOL / Whoarfrost

Len Lashley / Geoff Useless

Nat Baldwin / Kurt Weisman / Travis Laplante

MJ-XII / Bird Names

The Octagon (NY) / Thuvemth of Them (MFs)

Nat Baldwin / Mmoss

Burst & Bloom Festival

Ecco Fatto / Hospice For The 300

Extra Life / Comma / the music of Morrissey

Tiny Fires / Ashcan Orchestra / PC Worship

Tune-Yards / Kurt Weisman / Happy Birthday