Project Jenny Project Jan (and more) Will Make You Dance. Tonight!

This show has been a long time in the making. I’d actually had them penciled in to play in Portland two years ago, but they got snatched up by Fujiya & Miyagi (who they collaborated with for “Pins And Needles“) for a world tour. Their latest album, Home Sweet Home, is a bit smoother . . . → Read More: Project Jenny Project Jan (and more) Will Make You Dance. Tonight!

Snow Party.

I’m not actually in Portland today (hopefully I can get back Tuesday!) but for those of you that are – and probably not at work but looking to get outside before you don’t have a choice – our friends at Rogues Gallery are partying all day with hot Root liquor and vinyl at 41 Wharf. . . . → Read More: Snow Party.

48 Hour Music Fest double album release party

Welcome, Atomic Tuesdays

Tonight marks the kickoff for a new weekly party in Portland. Every Atomic Tuesday, Liz Lugosi will hold it down at Styxx for a an epic rock ‘n roll party featuring $1 PBR and $2 whiskey shots (from 8-10), dancing, and fun bands. Sounds like something worth checking out after hitting the all ages . . . → Read More: Welcome, Atomic Tuesdays

Halloween Party

Bern and the Brights (Brooklyn)

A Primitive and Savage Land / Waranimal

Portland Phoenix 10th Anniversary Party

Covered in Bees / DJ Kind Alberto

Happy Birthday Strange Maine!

It’s no joke, tonight at Strange Maine there will be a special show/celebration in honor of the record/assorted things/video store/venue’s 6th birthday!

Ryan Cutler, Strawberry Allstars, Letters to the Moon, American War, and the unforgettable Crank Sturgeon + id m theft able duo are scheduled to perform/dance/chase you down the street (or something). . . . → Read More: Happy Birthday Strange Maine!

Neon Garden (dance party)