Girl Walk // All Day Coming To SPACE

Remember exactly a year ago when Girl Talk played the State and we all went and lost our minds in a pool of sweaty dancing? Well, the mashup mastermind sure has inspired a lot of movement, including a film featuring three improvisational dancers on an adventure through New York City that’s been getting a ton of great praise. Take two minutes and watch this trailer for the film Girl Walk // All Day and make some plans to get out on Saturday to catch the whole film at SPACE for its Maine premier.

The event opens at 8pm with the screening at 8:30pm (get there early if you want a seat, you know how this works) and a dance party to follow with DJs King Roomie Rock + CDR. Get tickets for $8 here. Have fun all day.

Blank City Comes to the Port City

Blank City is film that documents a film scene – particularly that of the late 70’s in downtown NYC. Like the No Wave punk and art rock of the time (some of which can be heard on the soundtrack), the filmmakers and work covered here laid the groundwork for much of what would come in the following decades.

Featuring a who’s who of independent musicians, artists, and filmmakers (Jim Jarmusch, John Waters, Debbie Harry, Fab 5 Freddy, Thurston Moore, Richard Kern, Amos Poe, etc), Céline Danhier’s documentary will screen here in Portland at the Portland Museum of Art Friday through Sunday this week. Get details on the screenings here.

My Heart Is An Idiot (Monday)

Local filmmaker (and HillyTown pal) David Meiklejohn has been making the rounds of the country with his new feature film, My Heart Is An Idiot. The movie follows the sometimes-charming, often mind-boggling Davey Rothbart (who you may know from Found Magazine and its semi-regular tour stops at SPACE Gallery) as he stumbles his way through one absurd romantic situation after another. Check out the trailer below and go see the film at one of the two screenings at the Nickelodeon in Portland this Monday, May 16! Get tickets here.

Makeshift Needs Funding

Local filmmakers Petra Simmons and David Camlin are looking for your help to fund their new film, Makeshift – documenting artist Anna Hepler‘s travels across the country and development of three bodies of work – via the site IndieGoGo. Go here to learn more about the project and to donate.