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Hobgoblin / Emerson & Thoreau / Jodi Explodi

Jonnie Lust / Hobgoblin

The Octagon (NY) / Thuvemth of Them (MFs)

Profile: Foam Castles

Foam Castles is Tyler Jackson. Through collaborators, backing bands, and both coasts, the project is essentially a one-man operation. One the eve of the Peapod Recordings debut of Molly’s Jungle (though tonight it’s actually labelmates Honey Clouds‘ party, the album will be available at the SPACE gallery show), I spent some time learning more about […]

Tasty Dude BBQ w/Grand Hotel + Benjamin Burgess

Goodnight Process

Murcielago / Gozu / Roadsaw

I\’m Too Broke To Be This Drunk w/Time Emery + Matt Robbins

The State Theatre Returns (With A Little Help From NYC And VT)

The State Theatre is reopening this Fall, with Lauren Wayne as general manager. Note: the above is by no means an official image/logo, as this new partnership and the State will have its own identity.

In NYC, Bowery Presents is the only promoter that matters (in the world of clubs and bars, not so much […]

Building Of Song Festival Seeking Vendors

Just about one year ago, the Tower Of Song Festival filled the streets of Portland with music, and Congress Square with vendors and performers (coincidentally enough, Summer showed up in full forst at the same time). Now, with a new location (just across Congress Street, from a tower to a building), the festival is back […]

One Grain / if and it / Corey Bryant / River City Extension

An Evening With / Travis Kline / The Lomax

HillyTown Presented: May 21 Photo Recap

Last Friday, May 21, we had a show at Slainte in Portland that included Kyle Wilson of the Brooklyn band Milagres, Selbyville, and Jakob Battick & Friends (in their last full band show until September). There was a great crowd for this show and all of the performances were spectacular. Check out the photos below!


Jakob Battick / Mica Jones / Sound Bundle

Juliette Lewis