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Sinking City Beat Night presents: The Rattlesnakes / Dead Trend / Brick Mower / aLex Keaton – Mayo Street Arts – 11/30/12

Mount Sharp / if and it – The Oak & The Ax – 11/30/12

Mount Sharp / CHRY – Slainte – 11/29/12

Dinosaur Jr. / Hush Arbors – The State Theatre – 11/29/12

Dinosaur Jr Tonight, Late Show With Mount Sharp

Dinosaur Jr are back in town tonight, headlining a show at the State Theatre. You probably already knew that.

Now for a bit of shameless self-promo: If you’re still up for fun (and have some hearing left) head over to Slainte after the show for a free party with Mount Sharp (ex-Marie Stella […]

High On Fire / Goat Whore / Lopan – Port City Music Hall – 11/28/12

Other Lives / Indians – SPACE Gallery – 11/26/12

Forget, Forget / When Particles Collide / Animal Talk – Empire Dine & Dance – 11/24/12

Mouth Washington / Haru Bangs / Conjjjecture / Dugpa – Slainte – 11/23/12

Olas Film Teaser

Olas is more than just a band: it’s music, dance, performance, and now a film! Debuting at SPACE Gallery on December 15, Olas The Film is a portrait of the music, the dance, the people, the lives, the partnerships and the friendships of Olas. Check out the trailer below, and mark your calendar to be […]

Man Forever / Guardian Alien / Herbcraft – SPACE Gallery – 11/20/12

Contrapposto video – “Cousinfriends”

There’s a whole lot of strange going on in this video for Contrapposto‘s single, “Cousinfriends,” but we like it. What do you think?

The Rattlesnakes studio session: Serious Business on BTR

So many of our favorite Maine bands have managed to make their way down to NYC and found time to do sessions at Serious Business Music for BreakThru Radio: Kurt Baker, Sunset Hearts, Brenda, The Milkman’s Union, Marie Stella, etc… and now The Rattlesnakes! Watch the video below!

Listen to the whole interview and […]

JD Samson + MEN – SPACE Gallery – 11/16/12

Chamberlin / Milkman’s Union – Empire Dine & Dance – 11/15/12