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Roundup, Heatin’ Up, Almost. [May 23-29]

It’s been a long week, in so many ways. Summer seemed to announce its arrival, as friends cut their pants into shorts (perhaps a pre-emptive tailoring strike, seeing as how the cold and wet weather keeps trying to weasel back in), and the Tower Of Song Festival went off without incident, though perhaps brighter […]

Neko Case Tickets On Sale 9AM!

Just a friendly reminder about the August 4th Neko Case show…

This is guaranteed to be among the biggest shows of the summer, don’t sleep on getting your tickets just because it isn’t until August! They go on sale at 9am on Friday, May 29! That’s probably today, by the time you’re reading this. […]

36th Annual Old Port Festival

We Went To The Maine Comics Arts Festival

It was just a couple of weekends ago that history was made right here in Portland. Maybe you missed it if you didn’t happen to be out wandering down the quiet end of Commercial Street, before you get to the Narrow Gauge, but there was a festival going on! On Sunday, May 17th, Casablanca […]

Portland Cookie Review: Hilltop Coffee Shop

review by Biscuit Wakefield

Hilltop Coffee Shop Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip $0.50 (baked the day before) + tax

Fellow gardeners know, all too well, the expression “The bloom is off the rose.” Comes a day when the air chills, the sky darkens, and your hard-tended beds let faded petals fall to the ground. Is […]

Rotundo Sealeg / Mark Summers / Computer at Sea / Argyle Effect

Dana Gross / Jesse Pilgrim

Tony Smokes & The Ladykillers / Honey Clouds

Frontier Ruckus

Plains / The Orchards / Annie Palmer / Patrick Elkins

Aloud / Gully

Juliana Hatfield

The Gargoylez / Brian Arlet / Greg Boardman & Sons / Sundown Songs [New Orleans]

South China / Laura Gibson / Musee Mecanique

Tower Of Song Fest, What’s Left? Some Sorta Roundup

I tried to get photos and interviews for all 9 acts performing at tomorrow’s Tower Of Song Festival (Saturday, May 23) and definitely came close, though a couple didn’t quite get finished. Below is a photo of the band that will close out the festival, Spencer And The School Spirit Mafia, taken at the incredible […]