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There’s a lot going on tonight! Unfortunately I have to mention that Brooklyn’s The Shondes won’t be appearing at Geno’s tonight as previously listed – they’ve had to cancel a few dates of their tour. That’s really a shame, but I expect we’ll see them back up here before long. Still a great show going […]

(Spinal) Tap Into Portland

Cougars Kill Cobras / Full Contact Kitty / The Big Big Bucks

Updates On The Way!

My apologies for the lack of updates here on Hillytown. I was away last week and am trying to get caught up! Lots of options all weekend for Halloween… more on that later once I get everything listed!

World/Inferno Friendship Society

Spanish Prisoners / The Black Atlantic

9th Rail

Fredrik / Plains / Lady Lamb The Beekeeper

Cougars, Antlers, Richman, oh my!

Don’t ever let anybody tell you that there’s nothing going on in Portland. Have you checked out the options for this weekend? It’s a veritable marathon of HillyTown-approved great music (funny, considering where I’ll be all next week.)

Starting tonight, there’s the release show for the new disc from Portland’s favorite garage punks Cougars […]

Sleeping In The Aviary / Dead End Armory

Cursillistas / CASTANETS / Dylan Metrano & Paper Birds

Dan Knudsen / Glade Swope

Cursillistas / Dead Western / Snowblink / Longfellow Kucz

B.J. Snowden / the 500s / A.M. Frank

Usurper / Nacktinsecten / The Changing Colors / Shea & Skot