Mathew’s 4th Annual Rooftop Show Preview and set times

Every year an ominous specter of fried food, tweens and (somehow more) paintings of lighthouses completely shut down an entire city as Portland’s Old Port Festival beats it into our heads that yes, summer is fast approaching. And a plea that we have bands that can make a nice crossover hit or two.

This of excludes the Maine Academy of Modern Music Stage which is doing amazing things like a Mad Scientist on the Children’s Performance Stage, or a MAMM Slam from 2-3:30 p.m. and shows from bands who are ranging in age from children to parents. What the Maine Academy Modern Music does is spectacular and necessary. 

So yes, of course there is music at the Old Port Festival and a complete list of this year’s festival events can be found here — but if our tone didn’t give it away, the Old Port Festival isn’t exactly for everyone, or more likely anyone usually found wandering into Hilly blog territory.

So for those of you who want an alternative to the mass of tourists and selfiesticks — the fourth annual Rooftop Show at Mathew’s Pub located at 133 Market Street kicked off last night  — oh, and is still going on.

Sorry. But don’t freak out too much if you missed some great acts like Fur or Mouth Washington…or the dare we say criminal genius of Jeff Beam

Anyway, this year’s rooftop show started with a set by HillyTown sweethearts Cheerwine upstairs on the roof.

And let’s just say Hillytowncore  will be very represented.

And the group of bands closing it down during the first now…well, downstairs is comprised of everyone’s favorites including ours. Leveret, Jeff Beam, IDMTHEFTABLE and the amazement of what a Hi Tiger show is in person. Day one completely wraps up tonight with a rooftop show at 9:40 p.m. by Great Western Plain that will end Day One of the 4th Annual Rooftop ( what has now become the) Festival.

We don’t know about you, but the $3 that you spent for the whole day will be worth it just for that closing set. Have you listened to Elastic Smile? Because you should.

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Fur drop a new video for “Bronze” and announce album release show


I’ve made it pretty clear by now that I’m a huge fan of everything that Greg Bazinet, Tara and Brian Cohen have been involved with musically. From their scrappy roots playing (for the most part) acoustic-tinged punk, to their all-out epic and final album under The Rattlesnakes banner, Spine..

But as some famous guy from awhile ago one said: “The times they are a’changing,” and The Rattlesnakes have been given their burial rights and it’s time to get very, very excited about the next sister band to come from The Rattlesnakes — Fur — who just released a DIY video for “Bronze” the first official studio track from their new album 2 Hearted Horse. 

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Pretty Purgatory release a new 7-inch with Jacob Augustine and Bad Braids today


Yes, that’s a brand-spanking-new music video for “Salvation” from the seemingly boundless mind of Portland’s Jacob Augustine — which means just one thing — brand new music.

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Jacob Augustine Opened For Timber Timbre @ PCMH [2.27.15]

Jacob Augustine at Port City Music Hall - photo by Jeff Beam

On February 27th, Port City Music Hall hosted a mellow evening of northern sounds – Timber Timbre from Canada headlining, and Jacob Augustine from Lincoln, ME opening.

Augustine & his fellow bearded bandmates outright stole the show. Familiar was the singer’s deep soothing voice, seemingly full of wisdom from multiple lives past. New was his experimental twangy chamber folk ensemble, anchored by (my former Milkman’s Union bandmate) Peter McLaughlin on drum flourishes and Asher Platts (Theodore Treehouse) on upright bass, with secret weapon McKay Belk (ex-Forget, Forget) on delicious pedal steel guitar. The quartet mostly played songs from their upcoming album, along with a smattering of reimagined Augustine standbys. The set ended with a rousing extended version of “Animal Orchard,” a highlight from 2011’s Goldyhymns. It’s hard not to leave a Jacob Augustine show and feel anything but complete awe and inspiration.

Timber Timbre took the stage to a slightly smaller crowd than the opening set (a testament to Augustine’s reputation and impact as a performer), and delivered a low-key but impressive set. The Canadian quartet’s live sound crept only slightly louder than the quiet dirge of their studio albums, and Timber Timbre only have a few sounds, but they execute them to perfection. A combination of late 1950s piano balladry with slightly Beatle-esque chord changes, heavy usage of the 6/8 time signature, and low brooding slapback delay-soaked vocals punctuated by the occasional high-pitched yelp. A few quasi-psychedelic organ jams steered the vibe towards early 1970s Pink Floyd. I wasn’t completely blown away, but I was well entertained, and I left with a desire to give Timber Timbre’s discography a closer listen.

Here’s Timber Timbre’s setlist from the show:
Timber Timbre setlist

Note: despite having a photo pass for the show, security would not allow Jeff to take photos of the headliner’s set. It’s unclear if this was due to the band’s own policy or some other reason, but unfortunately it means that we do not have any images of Timber Timbre performing to share with you.

This Weekend In Videos

You’ve got some fine choices for live music in Portland between now and Monday…

TONIGHT: Sinkane / Cookies / Mosart212 @ SPACE

TONIGHT: Tall Horse / People Skills / Gin Lab @ Empire

TONIGHT: Aesop Rock / Rob Sonic Portland, ME @ Port City Music Hall

SATURDAY: DOUGFEST 2015: The Ghosts of Johnson City / Johnny Cremains / Book of the Dead @ Geno’s

SUNDAY: South China / Colby Nathan / The Orchards @ Local Sprouts

MONDAY: The Lone Bellow / Odessa 2/23 @ PCMH


RIP New System Laundry.

Great Western Plain on BTR

Maine dudes Great Western Plain recently stopped by Serious Business in NYC for this brand spankin’ new episode of Serious Business On BTR! Check it out!

Lady Lamb: Return To Maine documentary

We produced this video in collaboration with Aly Spaltro (Lady Lamb) and BreakThru Radio. Thanks to Jeff Beam, SPACE Gallery, WCYY, Bart & Greg’s, Bull Moose, and everybody else who helped out or let us film on those whirlwind couple of days back in March.


When Particles Collide – “Ego” official video

Our favorite rock ‘n roll duo from Bangor, When Particles Collide, returns to the stage and the screen (they seem to have a thing for choreographed dance moves) with this brand new video for their track, “Ego.” Watch it now:

New video: “The Flattest Of Country” Jesse Pilgrim & The Bonfire

Check out more from Jesse Pilgrim & The Bonfire at Bandcamp.

Lady Lamb video for “The Nothing Pt. II”

More goodness from Lady Lamb The Beekeeper! This time, a video directed by the one and only David Meiklejohn, for the song “The Northing Pt. II.” Keep reading for Aly’s upcoming headlining tour dates, with opener Xenia Rubinos.

Lady Lamb on tour:

Olas Film Teaser

Olas is more than just a band: it’s music, dance, performance, and now a film! Debuting at SPACE Gallery on December 15, Olas The Film is a portrait of the music, the dance, the people, the lives, the partnerships and the friendships of Olas. Check out the trailer below, and mark your calendar to be there to see the film in its entirety, followed by a performance by the group.

Tickets are available here for $10.

Contrapposto video – “Cousinfriends”

There’s a whole lot of strange going on in this video for Contrapposto‘s single, “Cousinfriends,” but we like it.

What do you think?

The Rattlesnakes studio session: Serious Business on BTR

So many of our favorite Maine bands have managed to make their way down to NYC and found time to do sessions at Serious Business Music for BreakThru Radio: Kurt Baker, Sunset Hearts, Brenda, The Milkman’s Union, Marie Stella, etc… and now The Rattlesnakes! Watch the video below!

Listen to the whole interview and recording session here.

New Sontiago video – “Muscle Car” + Lady Lamb news

Today, VICE premiered the video for Sontiago‘s song, “Muscle Car,” featuring Therese Workman from Oh My Goodness (who we’ve been harassing forever to play a show, and will continue to do so). It’s a fun track and the video is just a big old Portland love fest for us with so many familiar faces making appearances (set partially at Bubba’s Sulky Lounge, light up disco dancefloor and all). The whole thing was directed by the amazing David Meiklejohn (of My Heart Is An Idiot fame). Watch it now:

Also, in somewhat related news (why? see this video from way back when for a little clarity, or something), the inevitable has finally happened. Lady Lamb The Beekeeper has signed to Ba Da Bing Records. Her album – Ripley Pine – will be out February, 19, 2013, as announced by BrooklynVegan yesterday. Stream the first track (which we think sounds pretty incredible!) from that below.

Kurt Baker on Serious Business on BTR!

Local powerpop superstar Kurt Baker joined the growing list of Maine musicians to hit up Serious Business in NYC to film a studio session for BreakThruRadio. Watch it here!