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Phantom Buffalo Made A Video Game (and have an album on the way)

This has been out there for a few weeks, but maybe you haven’t checked it out yet.

Phantom Buffalo (patron saints of this little website) are getting ready to release their new album, Tadaloora, and put together a teaser video (above) and VIDEO GAME to promote it. In the game, you get to […]

Alan Lomax\’s American Patchwork screening + Nathan Salsburg / Matt Rock – The Oak & The Ax – 03/28/12

Emily Wells / Live Footage / Aleric Nez – SPACE Gallery – 03/28/12

Vio Mire / Hersey State / Aleric Nez – The Oak & The Ax – 03/25/12

The Barn Swallows

The Milkman\’s Union/Cuddle Magic/In One Wind – Empire Dine & Dance – 03/22/12

An Evening with Leo Kottke

For the Benefit of Kentucky – Empire Dine & Dance – 03/15/12

For The Benefit of Kentucky (This Thursday at Empire)

The recent storms in the Southern US had a devastating impact on my people’s lives and property. Rebecca Minnick (a native of Lousiville, KY, member of An Evening With and The Barnswallows, and a very good friend of ours) has organized this fundraising event with the help of Factory Portland. Your $5 at the […]

When Particles Collide on BTR

The Barn Swallows

Haru Bangs / Spithole / the Outfits! – Geno’s – 03/10/12

HillyTown Presented NYC [3.8.12]

Thursday night was our first time working with the Williamsburg, Brooklyn music venue Cameo Gallery. It’s an interesting spot, hidden in the back room of a restuarant in a pretty highly trafficked part of the neighborhood. That said, it feels like you’re walking in on a secret party, and that’s exactly what we liked […]

Waranimal / Barnburner / Sylvia / Phantom Glue / Death Cloud

The Carolina Chocolate Drops