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2010 Recap Recap

It’s been a busy year for the Portland music scene. So much has changed (go ahead, dig through the archives and check out all the album releases, music videos, store and venue openings and closings, musicians moving away, and new bands forming)! We redesigned the site, presented a bunch of shows (including a free summer […]

Snow Party.

I’m not actually in Portland today (hopefully I can get back Tuesday!) but for those of you that are – and probably not at work but looking to get outside before you don’t have a choice – our friends at Rogues Gallery are partying all day with hot Root liquor and vinyl at 41 Wharf. […]

NYE: SPOSE / Cam Groves / Sidecar Radio / Restless Groove / Educated Advocates

NYE: Dreamosaic / Cyborg Trio

Waranimal\’s Winter Beach Ball

Dead of Winter 5 – The Death of Dead of Winter

Soul Clap! w/DJ Jonathan Toubin

Sara Cox / South China / Megan Jo Wilson

Dar Williams

Eilen Jewell

Jeffrey Foucault

Antje Duvekot / Liz Longley

Sam James

Edwin Mccain

Lyrics Born