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Barr Brothers This Saturday – Ticket Giveaway!

Sometimes you just need to trust that we know what’s good or you. We don’t do this often, but occasionally when a touring band that we love will be passing through town, and we want to give their show a little extra love, we’ll set up a ticket giveaway so that some of our readers […]

Folks O\\\’ Love: O\\\’Donnell / Koller & Pilgrim

Coast City Comicon Made Nerds Rave [11.11.11]

Last weekend, Coast City Comics launched the first Coast City Comicon. Things kicked off with an epic “Nerd Rave” party at SPACE Gallery, featuring sets from Waranimal and Heloise & the Savoir Faire, as well as a pretty intense costume contest. Read on for a photo gallery from the kickoff party and some more […]

EGG, EGGS / Black Lodge

Heavy Breathing / C. Lavender / Cuss / RSO / Wet LIncoln

Black Skies / Vaz / Paige Turner / Coalsack in Crux

Hessian / Seax / Paige Turner

Max Garcia Conover

Lisa/Liza / Jacob Augustine / Pearl and the Beard

Kino Proby

Good Kids Sprouting Horns / Theodore Treehouse / Aloud / Vanityites

Brown Bird / Tallahassee / Ben Lear

The Barn Swalllows

o\’death / Brown Bird

The Lomax / the McCarthys Double CD Release Party