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Add Your Own Events On HillyTown!

We’re excited to announce a brand new feature on the site! Until now, I’ve had to enter each event in our show listings on the site manually, but now you can do it yourself! This feature is especially useful for bands, promoters, and venues who want to make sure that we are aware of your events and get them listed. Please keep in mind that not every event will be picked to get listed on the site, but if you are familiar with HillyTown and the types of events (concerts) that we normally list, you should have a good idea of if what you want to submit is a good fit. Here’s what it will look like when you click on the “Post An Event” link on the right sidebar:

Fill in all of the appropriate information, submit it, and then we will check out the submission and edit it if needed and hopefully publish it to the site in the showlist. If you like, include your contact info in your submission (it won’t be published with the listing) so that we can contact you if more information is needed. If you are submitting info for a venue that is not listed in our system, please just contact us at hello [at] with the show info.

Thanks! I’d love to hear some feedback on this new feature! Give it a shot! Special thanks to Rob Korobkin from level8 for putting this together for me!

1 comment to Add Your Own Events On HillyTown!

  • William B.

    I think it’s a good feature.

    The Phoenix is a waste of trees, and anyone in their right mind should not pick it up.

    Having the area listings here on-line is a good thing. Try to avoid graphics for those with a hand-held or slow connection.

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