Dinosaur Feathers In Town

Not familiar with them? That’s cool. But check this out:

This Brooklyn band played the What Blog?! party we threw during the CMJ Marathon in NYC back in October, and they’re finally making their way north for a show at Empire tonight. Between then and now they signed to Ernest Jenning Records, got their van stolen (and subsequently put together a fundraising album with friends), and went to SXSW (where this happened). Point is, they’re cool, check them out.

To add to the awesomeness, Phillie band Grandchildren (who I caught at The Oak + The Ax one night and really enjoyed) and Dead Man’s Clothes (who are thankfully still/once again a band) round out the solid bill.

If you’re looking for something in a bit more of a punk direction, there’s also a killer show at Mathews. You can’t go wrong tonight with either of these.