Found Find + Aroundness

Our friends at the Pine Haven Collective beat us to it and got the scoop on Find, a cool new vintage store on at 16 Free Street here in Portland. Reports have already come in from a few folks who picked up great stuff there in the first few days since the opening.

A few other notes for your weekend: Rain getting you down? It’s getting Ray Lamontagne and the Machigonne Festival tonight down as well – the whole thing has been moved from the Maine State Pier to the roomier and dryer Civic Center.

A benefit show to help fund the PICNIC Music & Arts Fest in a couple weeks is happening tonight at SPACE Gallery. 5 bands, $5. [note: the band I play in, Marie Stella, is playing PICNIC and tonight’s benefit show.] In more PICNIC and HillyTown-related news, the newly launched Maine Magazine has a nice mention of Portland Pins – we’ll have a table set up at PICNIC with the pin-dispensing bubble gum machines and some extra special pin fun times for the occasion.

Last week’s Phoenix Music Seen gives some much-deserved loved to [dog] and [pony], who’ve been doing a great job lately with the HillyTown OFFStage videos and their own local music blogging. Do yourself a favor and make that a regular read.