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Mirah And Maia Made A HillyTown Mixtape

Remember the days before social media, when there were just a few ways you’d usually hear about a great new band? One was to catch them opening for another band you already liked. That was how I first heard the indie rock singer-songwriter Mirah – in 2002, opening for Sleater-Kinney (along with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) at Irving Plaza in NYC, where her sweet and powerful voice made an immediate impression. The other method of discovery until around that time was through mix tapes (or cds, if you were fancy). In the spirit of that music sharing tradition, we’ve got something special for you today, in anticipation of tomorrow’s show at SPACE Gallery, featuring Mirah, local band Plains, and Kid In The Attic. Mirah and Maia (aka Kid In The Attic, and also in Mirah’s band) put together a very special HillyTown Mix Tape (ok, a Spotify playlist, but you get it) to share some of their favorite music to listen to on the road. Check it out and read on to see what they have to say about each song, then grab your tickets to see them live at SPACE!

Mirah and Maia

1. Kate Bush – “Suspended in Gaffa”
I love this song, I love this video, I love this woman. I often don’t know why I’m crying either, it just sort of happens. 

2. Death Vessel – “Velvet Antlers”
I lay down in tightened boots with vegetation.  Best lyric!

3. Mount Eerie with Julie Doiron and Fred Squire – “With My Hands Out”
Listening to Phil and Julie sing together makes me feel like everything is going to be ok, because even though so many things are scary, there is also so much beauty.  

4. Dinah Washington – “This Bitter Earth”
I first fell in love with this song while watching the movie Killer of Sheep.  Both the song and the movie, steeped in truth. 

5. Downtown Boys – “Mostro”
Downtown Boys are going to rule the world.

6. This is the Kit – “With Her Wheels Again”
We listen to Kate in the car a lot. She is a genius. This song sums up my feelings about my bike.

7. Toto la Momposina – “Tres Golpes”
Toto is from the same Colombian town my grandpa was from. I love everything she does. Those drums!

8. Little Dragon – “Crystalfilm”
Little Dragon songs make me super nostalgic. This song makes me feel like I’m doing the right thing.

9. Diane Cluck – “Draw Me Out”
“You draw me out like a splinter from  my own life.” I mean.

10. Tweedy – “Diamond Light”
On one of the last tours,  Mirah and I missed our highway exit because we were listening so closely to the drum part.

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