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Mix It Up

Tonight, PCMH hosts the Portland Music Foundation‘s monthly mixer from 6 to 8 pm. The event is free and open to the 21+ public.

Also, Pitchfork just announced the Fall tour dates for Andrew Bird (and St. Vincent). Check out the October 24th stop on that one: South Portland, ME – S. Portland High School Auditorium. Odd choice of venue, but pretty cool that they’ll be coming this way.

By the way, Vibe Magazine is shutting down.

10 comments to Mix It Up

  • Tom

    whoa, been wanting st. vincent to come up this way for a headlining show, but i think this might do. not a big fan of seated shows though.

  • Tom

    where does one buy tickets for this show anyways?

  • that’s a great question. I have no idea. I’m assuming that tickets won’t go on sale for another month or so anyway.

  • Tom

    haha shit, pre-sale is already going on, and public on sale is july 10th. $32.50 face value too eeek.

    nothing i hate more than shows going on sale more than like 2 months ahead of time.

  • Tom

    ahh, just went through the pre-sale registration process to find that the show is general admission. there is a $35 day of show price, they probably dont expect it to sell out any time soon (if at all). feel a lot better i dont have to rush to decide on going to this.

    ps, hillytown should have a message board 😉

  • thanks for finding the tickets link!

    what do we need a message board for? just use the comments! it’s ok!

  • Tom

    more organized and easier to follow and connect with others in my opinion. but maybe thats just me, ive been known to be a slight message board junkie. the maine music scene is long overdue for one period though, be it here or elsewhere, and could really benefit from it.

  • Rob

    who is presenting this show? any idea?

  • Ethan

    Heptunes booking sometimes uses the So Portland Auditorium for their shows. Not sure if they’re involved with this one.

    I’ve seen Richard Thompson at the SP Auditorium and it’s a nice venue. Bryan could get some cool pictures there if he’s allowed press access.

    For musicians, WPB and PMF both have message boards. But a music scene centric board would be cool.

  • Promoters and booking agents use the South Portland High School Auditorium for a reason; it’s a great performance venueI saw Brandi Carlile there, and the sound was perfect. Take it from a SPHS alum like me. ^_^

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