Dinosaur Jr. Was Here (with Henry Rollins) [6.20.11]

We’ve heard a lot of different reports on how Monday’s Dinosaur Jr. show at Port City Music Hall went. The most common response was “It was sooooo loud!” or “My ears are still ringing!” One fan even swears that he wore earplugs for the first time in his life, despite decades of hearing loss enabling at rock shows. Well, I suppose that could all be expected, J. Mascis is in fact known for his penchant for volume. We also heard that the pre-Dino Jr. set interview by Henry Rollins was a little awkward, but interesting (check out this interview with him over at Dispatch), and that openers MV & EE (modified by the addition of HERBCRAFT mastermind Matt Lajoie) did a great job with possibly their most accessible set in recent memory. What’d you think about it? Erika Johnson was there, check out the photos below!