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HillyTown Presented in Brooklyn [2.22.12]

Great Western Plain @ Union Hall

Great Western Plain @ Union Hall

Wow. Another awesome show with Maine and Brooklyn bands last night. Sometimes we feel like we’re getting away with something having this much fun. A great turnout and top notch performances from Field Mouse, Great Western Plain, and Shark? (plus some killer jams from the WHAT DJ?! team of I Rock I Roll and Battering Room) made for a memorable night at Union Hall. Thanks to everybody involved! Check out the photos below, and remember to snag tickets for our next NYC adventure: Thursday, March 8 @ Cameo in Williamsburg!

For those of you in Portland, Maine, Great Western Plain will be back home this weekend to play on an excellent lineup at Flask Lounge along with The Rattlesnakes and Wood Burning Cat. Guaranteed loud fun.