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Sarah Harmer + Hey Rosetta! Photo Recap [11.9.10]

On Tuesday, two Canadian acts that I wasn’t very familiar with played at Port City Music Hall. Openers Hey Rosetta! (whose album I acquired and enjoyed quite a bit shortly before the show) are a more-than-capable rock band with strong acoustic elements and songs that range stylistically from soft folk to alt-country-tinged rockers. Headliner Sarah Harmer‘s experience was clear in her performance – note that she played with a strong, full band backign her – warranting a full 6-member opening act. Despite a light crowd, it seemed that everybody there was a huge fan of Harmer’s, crowding the stage from the instant her set started. If only the openers got the same attention – they certainly deserved it. If they make it back (perhaps with a show at a smaller venue with some drawing locals) they should fare better. Read on for photos!

All photos by Bryan Bruchman.

5 comments to Sarah Harmer + Hey Rosetta! Photo Recap [11.9.10]

  • Tom

    such an awkward show. felt pretty bad for sarah, but she didnt let it bring her down and still put on a great set. hopefully it doesnt discourage her from returning. would be great to see her in empire or space.

  • Agreed. She’s a pro, but a smaller room would have been more suitable, at least this time around.

  • Hey. Company of Thieves played to 15 people or less at PCMH and they came back with OK Go last month.

  • Rebecca Minnick

    I saw her a few years ago @ the Big Easy, it was a great show. I would have gone to see her @ PCMH but I really can’t stand going to shows there, the stage isn’t high enough. I’m a tall woman and I can’t see the performers, it’s a terrible set-up. I refuse to pay $15 or whatever to hear the music and not see anything.

  • Tom

    hah, well rebecca, there was maybe 20 people on the floor and spread far apart like everyone had a contagious life threatening disease or something, so you would have been able to see fine from anywhere

    dylan, when you are a support act you have no choice in where you go, hence why they returned

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