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Time-Lag Records Closing: Extended Hours + 2 Shows

Located at 578 Congress Street above Strange Maine (which isn’t going anywhere) in downtown Portland, Time-Lag Records/The Iele Tree Clothing is closing its doors after 3 years on August 15th. They’re going out with a bang, with two great shows plus extended hours to make sure you get a chance to stop by and take advantage of some big sales. A message from Nemo with the details is after the jump:

hi folks,

~ after 3+ years our cooperative shop in portland maine is closing for good on august 15th. was a great few years but for many reasons we’re unable to continue… but, in celebration of the good times we’re having a couple really nice farewell shows in the coming weeks, as well as sales, extended hours, etc…



7pm. donations. @ time-lag records & the iele tree 578 congress st. 2nd floor portland




8pm. donations. @ time-lag records & the iele tree 578 congress st. 2nd floor portland


open weds-sunday 11am-6pm from august 4th-15th.

and a GIANT SALE :

everything 20%-50% OFF august 4th-15th.

~ much thanx to all of you who were able to drop by the shop in person & say hi over these last years. the support & enthusiasm from both local & visiting friends/customers has been really wonderful. will be sad to say goodbye, but so it goes. hope some of you can make in by for the final shows, etc…

thanx & best,

po box 222
belfast, maine.
04915 usa

5 comments to Time-Lag Records Closing: Extended Hours + 2 Shows

  • mikerattlesnake

    That’s too bad. Didn’t buy much there because I tend more towards cheaper, beat-up used records rather than collectible ones, but it was a nice store. Any idea if they’re still gonna put out local records?

  • mikerattlesnake

    Also, I thought Uke of Spaces was going by Village of Spaces these days… can’t fault them for not keeping up tho.

  • Dawn M.

    Nooooooooo……. I can’t believe it’s actually happening!

  • Thanks for picking up on that Mike. Your right, Uke of Spaces is changing the name to Village of Spaces, but it takes time and we are patient. When Nemo asked us to play the show months ago we had not then officially changed the name. Really it doesnt matter, cause the name has been morphing for years, from Uke of Phillips, to Uke of Saturn Mountain, to Uke of Spaces Corners, etc…

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