SXSW Music: No Joy

Hello from Austin, Texas! The SXSW Music Festival is fully under way, and it’s already a bit overwhelming. I’ll be posting galleries of bands I caught (some, like this, will just be one band, others will be a mix of acts I saw) with special attention paid to bands from or connected to Maine, those who’ve toured through Portland recently, and those that I’d really like to see come through! Keep checking back throughout the week.

Band: No Joy / Hometown: Montreal
Show: Pitchfork Showcase / Venue: Emo’s / Date: 3/15/11

It didn’t take long for this band to win me over. I was already a fan from watching their “Hawaii” video and seeing them live (where the loudness and hypnotic stoner/shoegaze sound was much more intense than expected) solidified it. Portland take note: we want this band to come for a visit.

Read on for the full photo gallery.
All photos by Bryan Bruchman.