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This Is Not A Photograph, Photograph, Photograph

When I first heard about Mission Of Burma coming to Portland I had to respond with “THE Mission Of Burma?!” Luckily it wasn’t just a cleverly named event at SPACE, but one of my all-time favorite bands had actually just booked a show. Word is that the opening bands, Huak (who I’ve told in the past they they reminded me of a mix of Mission Of Burma and Fugazi – you hear that, Mackaye?) and The Rattlesnakes, were instrumental in making it happen, so kudos to them!
Mission Of Burma @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg - 1.19.08
Tickets are almost gone, so if you want in on this inevitable early contender for event of the year, go get ’em now! Hopefully most of you out there aren’t in the same foggy boat as Mister Gray (by the way, I suggest you go out and read the classic text on post-punk before we go any further), and know what a treat we’re in for by having this legendary band play at a venue the size of SPACE.

The Burmal funtimes start tonight on the USM campus, with WMPG showing the band’s documentary film Not A Photograph at 7pm. Details on the Facebook event page. If you look closely, you can see me dancing in the crowd in front of Roger Miller from the 2002 Irving Plaza show.

In other photograph and rock music news, today begins the Portland Museum Of Art’s new exhibit Backstage Pass: Rock & Roll Photography (through March 22), which focuses on the offstage side of the rock ‘n roll life. As part of the celebration, music writer Greil Marcus will be in town for a lecture at the Holiday Inn By the Bay on Monday (1/26) – check out Chris Gray’s interview with Greil Marcus. Other events tied in to this exhibit include a program to teach kids to be music photographers, a big ol’ jam session at the museum, a concert at SPACE, lectures, and more. Ian Paige has a review of the exhibit at The Phoenix.

At the same time, an exhibit of Maine photographer John Fahnley’s live music photos will be up at Addison Wooley Gallery at 87 Market St., entitled “It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll (But I Like It!).” Fahnley is a contributor to Joe Harrington’s Portland zine, Kapital Ink, as well as his book Sonic Cool: The Life & Death of Rock ‘n’ Roll (if you ask nicely and promise to be careful, maybe you can borrow my well-worn copy).

As far as I know, neither of these music photo exhibits will feature Mission Of Burma.

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