Planets Around The Sun Interview

Interview by Matt Dodge. Whispering Altar photos by Bryan Bruchman.

A spectacle at the center of Portland’s folk/pysch/drone scene for the last three years, Planets Around the Sun will take their leave of the city in the coming weeks. Continue reading Planets Around The Sun Interview

The Milkman’s Union Interview + Exclusive Video

As you know, local trio The Milkman’s Union are playing our HillyTown Presents show this weekend. The band has been hyperactive lately, unveiling a new EP and temporarily streaming a single (with guest appearance by Lady Lamb The Beekeeper) for fans in the past weeks. Here’s another treat from the band: a HillyTown exclusive video, plus an in-depth interview, because we just can’t get enough.

Interview by Matt Dodge. Photo and video by Bryan Bruchman.

The Milkman’s Union on post-college ennui, amp dreams and Sufjan Steven’s step-dad

Local indie rockers The Milkman’s Union have earned their place in the Portland musical landscape since moving to town last September.

Beginning as the high school musical endeavor of Burlington, VT frontman Henry Jamison, the project migrated with Jamison to Bowdoin College in Brunswick where he met drummer Peter McLaughlin and bassist Sean Weathersby. Since the band graduated and moved to Portland, Bates College alum Alex Hernandez has replaced Sean Weathersby on bass.

Boasting a high school prodigy as a guitarist, two audio engineers on bass and drums and a background in booking big name shows (did Kevin Drew belittle you at Broken Social Scene’s 2008 show at Bowdoin? Blame McLaughlin for booking the condescending Canadians) The Milkman’s Union seems poised for success following their breakthrough debut album “Roads In”.

Based in Jamison singer-songwriting style with influences of garage and post rock creeping in around the edges, The Milkman’s Union can play a soft, folksy act one night, and keep pace with Portland’s indie rock acts the next.

The act has opened up for national touring acts like Deerhunter, Santigold, Ben Kweller and The Morning Benders, and will play the HillyTown Presents: Milagres + The Milkman’s Union + Husband & Wife at One Longfellow Square this Saturday, April 23rd. Purchase advance tickets here.


How did you get your start?

Henry Jamison: “It started it in high school when i was 16. I released two albums and got like, moderate buzz going in Burlington. Then i went to Bowdoin [College] and lost my ambition for a few months. Then Peter came along with this bass player (who is now a private investigator in Washington D.C.) and they kind of helped me get going again. Continue reading The Milkman’s Union Interview + Exclusive Video

An Interview With Astronautalis (Who Is In Town)

Before you do anything, head over to Daytrotter and download the Astronautalis session. It’s excellent. Ok, let’s do this.

Astronautalis is Andy Bothwell. He’s in town prepping his new band for their first tour together, which kicks off tomorrow with a show at SPACE Gallery. Buy tickets here. His new single, Midday Moon, is out today. We talked about the new band, style, and getting frozen.

You’ve had some great collabs – Portland’s seen you onstage with P.O.S. and Bleubird (as Boyfriends, Inc.), and now we’re about to get a taste of Astronautilus with a full band. Even better, two of the members are regulars from the local scene here (Oscar from Gully and Derek From Haru Bangs plus Nobs) and you’re taking them on the road. We know that started back at the SPACE Gallery Halloween when you took the role of Joe Strummer for a Clash tribute with them (and others), but can you tell us a bit about how you decided to take them on as your band? Have you performed with a live band before?

I have performed with a live band on several occasions, but it is sadly, pretty expensive to take a band on the road and expect to make a living. After 7 years of grinding two deep in a Honda, we have finally carved enough of a career out of all of this yelling to afford a few upgrades to the live show. After the show at the SPACE, i was talking to Oscar and Derek, and they said if i ever needed a guitarist and a drummer to take on the road…give them a holler. Shortly there after…i did. Continue reading An Interview With Astronautalis (Who Is In Town)

B. Dolan (Is Coming This Weekend) Interview

This Sunday (2/13) sees Rhode Island’s B. Dolan bringing a huge Valentine’s Day weekend tour he’s calling “The Church Of Love & Ruin” to SPACE Gallery. He was nice enough to answer some questions in the week leading up to this special string of shows to help shed some light on what he’s got planned for the SPACE show.

How did you hook up with What Cheer? Brigade? It seems like a lot of mc’s team up with bands to fill out their live sound, but a 16 piece marching band is just insane. How do you control the sound, and what was the process like getting your songs to work with their instruments – or did you write new material for them to play?

I first became aware of the What Cheer? Brigade at a Providence hardcore show, and followed them as a fan for years. I can remember sitting in the crowd at numerous shows of theirs and rapping quietly to myself while they played, figuring out how to interact with what they were doing and wondering how to approach them.

Continue reading B. Dolan (Is Coming This Weekend) Interview