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Astronautalis + Lady Lamb Sold Out SPACE [9.24.11]

Sounds like this was a pretty great show, as expected. Photos from David Zwickerhill below. Look for more coverage on both Astronautalis (and his Portland-based bandmembers) and Lady Lamb The Beekeeper in the coming weeks, as they have shows in NY that we’ll plan to be at as well!


Lady Lamb Brooklyn Studio Visit, SPACE Saturday!

One of the first acts to really land on our radar at HillyTown and make a big impact was Lady Lamb The Beekeeper. It’s been a couple years now since that first show we caught at Slainte, and Aly Spaltro has since toured extensively, gotten amazing press, and moved to Brooklyn. This week, I […]

Astronautalis / Lady Lamb the Beekeeper

SXSW Bands: Astronautalis (and SPACE Photos)

On March 3, Seattle MC Astronautalis debuted his new live band with a show at SPACE Gallery in Portland, Maine. The band includes two familiar faces from our local scene, plus another member from the Bronx (we did an interview and photos at their practice space). At the show, Astronautalis said he’d been dreaming […]

An Interview With Astronautalis (Who Is In Town)

Astronautalis and his band

Before you do anything, head over to Daytrotter and download the Astronautalis session. It’s excellent. Ok, let’s do this.

Astronautalis is Andy Bothwell. He’s in town prepping his new band for their first tour together, which kicks off tomorrow with a show at SPACE Gallery. Buy tickets here. His new single, Midday Moon, is […]

Astronautalis / Sims / Sandbag

SPACE Halloween Party: Dead Man\’s Clothes (Joy Division) / Marie Stella (Blondie) / Astronautalis (the Clash)

P.O.S. / Dessa / Astronautalis

P.O.S. Tour Dates Announced, Portland Included

While at SXSW last year (wow, that’s coming up again fast, isn’t it?) I got my first taste of rapper P.O.S. (at the same venue where I saw the Ting Tings the year before, a similar case of not knowing what I was in for and being sort of blown away). I was already […]


Astronautalis / Bleubird

Astronautalis / Bleubird