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Lower Dens Interview 2015 + Ticket Giveaway!

A few years back, we had the chance to do an interview with the talented Jana Hunter of Lower Dens. Now, with the band’s third full length record fully absorbed into our systems and an upcoming show next Tuesday at Asylum (along with locals Snaex and harmony-loving indie poppers TEEN), we talked to Jana […]

Interview: OLS Live And Local Spring 2015 Season

Things have changed a lot over the past few years at One Longfellow Square. The non-profit arts venue in downtown Portland has transformed from a respected but often low-key listening room to a vibrant stop on the ever-growing Portland nightlife scene. Looking at their calendar, one thing sticks out as a clear indicator of the newer directions in their schedule: for the past year, The Live And Local has been bringing local musicians who we may be more used to seeing at other rooms in town to the venue every Tuesday night for the low price of $5 […]

HillyTown Goes Record Shopping With Leveret

Jesse Gertz at Moody Lords

HillyTown is happy to introduce a new regular feature where one of our staff members visits one of the many record shops around the city of Portland with local musicians to find out just where their eclectic and personal tastes come from. Introducing HillyTown Goes Record Shopping — and we couldn’t think of a better place to start than with Leveret. […]

HillyTown Q&A: Lisa/Liza’s Liza Victoria

Lisa/Liza’s newest release The First Museum was released in November and is available on Bandcamp through Pretty Purgatory as both a physical and digital release. […]

Endless Jags on BTR Live Studio

Lately it seems like we’ve got another Maine-related video from BTRtv to post every day! The fun will just keep going with more coming soon, too!

Here’s Endless Jags being interviewed by the dude who runs this site. Enjoy!


Distant Correspondent Interview + mp3

Interview by Kevin Steeves.

MP3 Downloads for this post have expired. Exclusive mp3 stream/download: Distant Correspondent – “Badlands”

If you’ve been following the Brooklyn-based metal fusion band Goes Cube (who have played a few HillyTown Presents shows in Portland) for the past nine years, it might be difficult to believe that vocalist and guitarist […]

Wesley Hartley Exit Interview (Farewell Show Tonight)

Wesley Allen Hartley is leaving.

One of his bands, Dead End Armory, was among the early group of local acts I encountered when I moved to Portland in 2008, and I was immediately drawn to his songwriting and performance, which often took on an highly caustic and unpredictable nature. I love danger in […]

Planets Around The Sun Interview

Interview by Matt Dodge. Whispering Altar photos by Bryan Bruchman.

A spectacle at the center of Portland’s folk/pysch/drone scene for the last three years, Planets Around the Sun will take their leave of the city in the coming weeks.


The Milkman’s Union Interview + Exclusive Video

As you know, local trio The Milkman’s Union are playing our HillyTown Presents show this weekend. The band has been hyperactive lately, unveiling a new EP and temporarily streaming a single (with guest appearance by Lady Lamb The Beekeeper) for fans in the past weeks. Here’s another treat from the band: a HillyTown exclusive video, […]

An Interview With Astronautalis (Who Is In Town)

Astronautalis and his band

Before you do anything, head over to Daytrotter and download the Astronautalis session. It’s excellent. Ok, let’s do this.

Astronautalis is Andy Bothwell. He’s in town prepping his new band for their first tour together, which kicks off tomorrow with a show at SPACE Gallery. Buy tickets here. His new single, Midday Moon, is […]

B. Dolan (Is Coming This Weekend) Interview

This Sunday (2/13) sees Rhode Island’s B. Dolan bringing a huge Valentine’s Day weekend tour he’s calling “The Church Of Love & Ruin” to SPACE Gallery. He was nice enough to answer some questions in the week leading up to this special string of shows to help shed some light on what he’s got planned […]

Doomtree: Wings & Teeth Tour Interview with Dessa

Interview by Robert Ker

Fans of mainstream pop culture might not think of the Twin Cities as a hip-hop hotbed, those who are invested in the genre otherwise. This is due in part to two prominent independent labels: Rhymesayers Entertainment — which boasts acts such as Brother Ali, Atmosphere, and Eyedea and Abilities — […]

Dark Dark Dark Interview (Playing Tonight at SPACE)

Dark Dark Dark at WMPG in March 2010. Photo by Bryan Bruchman

It wasn’t long ago that Dark Dark Dark visited Portland in support of their previous album, Bright Bright Bright, back in March. They’re back already with a new album – Wild Go – and a show tonight at SPACE Gallery. Brooklyn’s Milagres (who have played a HillyTown show before and will be on the FREE […]

Interview: Jana Hunter Of Lower Dens

Interview by Robert B. Ker

Jana Hunter began her career last decade with an acoustic guitar in her hand and two terrific albums of the “freak folk” variety — including the first album on Andy Cabic (of Vetiver) and Devendra Banhart’s Gnomonsong label. With the public interest for such music dwindling a tad from […]

Shawn Lawrence, Sounds Absurd

As I mentioned last week, a new record shop has opened in downtown Portland. Sounds Absurd is a welcome addition to the Arts District, and I stopped by on opening day (Black Friday) to check out the store and ask owner Shawn Lawrence some questions. Read on for his answers and photos from inside […]