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If you happened to walk past the front window/gallery of Port City Music Hall during First Friday (chances are you did, judging by the huge amounts of people out and about that night), then you probably noticed this interesting piece. Gregory Witt created “Cloud,” a sculptural installation comprised of large gear-like styrofoam shapes that move continuously. Being behind glass it can be hard to get a close look at it, so I was glad to see the artist’s video for a closer view. Also check out some of his other work, which reveals an apparent evolution of this styrofoam gear/movement theme. Links/info from Maine Art Scene.

For those looking for an update on my previous post regarding the city council and talk of noise ordinance restrictions, it sounds like things are looking good, and perhaps the situation wasn’t quite as dire as some may have made it out to be (some older/more extreme proposals were circulating, but according to Kevin Donaghue the City Council was not considering anything so drastic in the first place, and in fact working in the interest of live entertainment). Either way, a large turnout in support of Portland nightlife is reassuring and can only help to make sure that decisions being made are done so with the public’s interest in mind. Thanks for all the comments and discussion on this issue!

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