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Important Portland Public City Council Meeting TONIGHT

I just heard about this, so I apologize for the late notice. Tonight there is a Public Safety meeting at 5pm in the City Council Chambers where this important issue for Portland live music and nightlife will be discussed. If you enjoy the live music scene and entertainment establishments in this city, please go to this public meeting to show your support, and prevent some extremely prohibitive measures being proposed from being approved.

Ear Protection Required

Read on for an explanatory note from Nicholas Dambrie, owner of Oasis.

I’m asking for the support of the people of Portland to help keep
the Old Port Entertainment District alive.

Your city needs your help! A few weeks ago, I learned that the City of Portland has an established noise ordinance that is unrealistic for the Entertainment District of our fair city. The current ordinance restricts ANY noise in the Entertainment District louder than 55 decibels after 9:00pm, and a maximum 60 decibels from 7:00am to 9:00pm. As a reference, 55 decibels is equal to the average noise level of a conversation between two people! (As you read this, it is likely you are in an area that has noise levels louder than these levels.) Any establishment offering patrons outdoor patio use will be in violation. Remarkably, any site within the Entertainment District is often in violation. As a resident, business owner or fan of Portland’s Entertainment District, this doesn’t allow much in the way of entertainment after nine o’clock. When and if this ordinance is enforced, the resulting effects on businesses will be devastating.

Portland is a city that promotes the arts. Artists and performers need a venue to showcase their talents. If you are a business owner wanting to promote live entertainment, such as bands or soloists, you will be in violation of the current city ordinance. If you’re an entertainer, the available venues will be nonexistent.

We who live and work in this great city are all interconnected and need each other’s support to foster positive growth and success for this imperiled, precious part of our city. I ask that you come out and support the Entertainment District which houses some of the finest museums, performance venues, restaurants, boutiques, galleries, pubs, coffee shops, and street musicians. The Old Port is the beating heart of our great city.

Your voice can make a difference!

Public Safety Meeting date has changed:

The noise ordinance issue will be discussed
at the next Public Safety Meeting in the City Council Chambers
on September 8 at 5:00 pm.

Please come and support our city’s heartbeat