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Final OFFStage At SPACE Show Tomorrow!


The past three Wednesdays have been a lot of fun, as each week three bands have played free shows on the floor at SPACE Gallery. Thanks so much to all the bands who’ve participated in this experiment, and everybody who has been coming out each week to enjoy the shows! Tomorrow sees the finale of the series, with what may be the oddest pairing off all. The show will begin with doors (and free pizza from Otto) at 7pm. Bands will be White Light, Blood Warrior (new o’death-related project playing their first shows this week, tonight they’re in Biddeford at Hogfarm Annex), and finally, Mark Summers. I figured that since the series started hard with Haru Bangs, it should probably go out with something a little loud and thrashy as well. Thanks to Jenny McGee Dougherty for the poster (above)!

[dog] and [pony] has the first of three HillyTown Presents videos they’re producing available now, featuing Boxy, Haru Bangs, and Jesse Pilgrim, from the first two shows in this series. Great work all around over there so please take some time to check out their whole site.

Did you catch the show last week? From Dead End Armory‘s recently re-trio-ed lineup to Happy Machines‘ electro fuzz pop to the excellent Phantom Buffalo/Computer At Sea collaboration, it was a bit of a dream lineup. I gotta say, it was pretty exciting when Phantom Computers launched into the song “A Hilly Town.”

Here are some photos – as you’ll see, perhaps I got a little carried away with the dramatic lighting this time. Galen’s glitchy Nintendo projections certainly added to the atmosphere of the evening though!




Check out Jon Donnell’s photos from last week’s show with Phantom Computers, Happy Machines, and Dead End Armory here.

1 comment to Final OFFStage At SPACE Show Tomorrow!

  • Looks amazing and A. was beaming after this show. Sorry I couldn’t be there (and I’ll miss the show tomorrow, too – WHISKEY LECTURE!).

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