HillyTown Presents: Lovers (and more) Saturday!

Portland, Oregon-based electro-pop trio Lovers have set out on an ambitious two month long national tour that brings them to Biddeford tomorrow for this exciting HillyTown Presents triple bill tomorrow night (6/4) at The Oak + The Ax in Biddeford. We’re excited about our new friends from the other Portland, but don’t skip out on the local openers. José Ayerve (aka A Severe Joy) is best known as the frontman/principal member of long-running-but-newly-defunct indie band Spouse, but now he’s on a new trip. Merging dance, performance art, and even costume, he’s exploring a very different side of his considerable musical talent. Bangor 5-piece Tree Streets round out the bill with their charmingly ragged jangly indie rock (though they call it garage twang), featuring one our favorite performers on vocals – Kat from Feel It Robot.

We’ll see you there!