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WPC Presents: The Milkman\’s Union / Class Machine / Tree Streets / Great Western Plain

Too All My Dear Friends / Tree Streets / El Grande

HillyTown Presented: Lovers [6.4.11]


With a busy schedule of HillyTown Presents shows over the past couple of months, we’ve had the opportunity to work with some great local and national acts, including longtime favorites and bands we were seeing for the first time. This past Saturday in Biddeford, we brought you Lovers – a trio from Portland, OR […]

HillyTown Presents: Lovers (and more) Saturday!

HillyTown Presents: Lovers + Tree Streets + Jose Ayerve

Portland, Oregon-based electro-pop trio Lovers have set out on an ambitious two month long national tour that brings them to Biddeford tomorrow for this exciting HillyTown Presents triple bill tomorrow night (6/4) at The Oak + The Ax in Biddeford. We’re excited about our new friends from the other Portland, but don’t skip out […]

HillyTown Presents: Lovers / Tree Streets / Jose Ayerve

Rattlesnakes / Tree Streets / Mouth Washington

In the Audience / Tree Streets / the Nebs at Empire