HillyTown Northside Festival Showcase Sunday!

While we’ve been keeping things a bit quiet here on the site, we’ve been busy prepping for a full summer of events! Things start off this weekend, as The L Magazine’s Northside Festival takes over North Brooklyn, and we’re back for our second annual HillyTown showcase.

On Sunday, June 16, HillyTown is teaming up with StereoActiveNYC (which you may or may not be familiar as the NYC-based blog/showlist precursor to this site, in a way) for a FREE, ALL DAY official Northside showcase featuring bands from NYC and Maine, all at Spike Hill in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

1pm – JPK (with band) >>> http://jpkisjpk.bandcamp.com/
2pm – LISA/LIZA >>> http://lisalizas.bandcamp.com/
3pm – OWEL >>> http://owel.bandcamp.com/
4pm – COALSACK IN CRUX >>> http://thecoalsackincrux.bandcamp.com/
5pm – LEDA >>> http://leda.bandcamp.com/
6pm – BALL OF FLAME SHOOT FIRE >>> http://ballofflameshootfire.bandcamp.com/
7PM – CULTFEVER >>> http://cultfever.bandcamp.com/
8PM – WEIRD CHILDREN >>> http://weirdchildren.bandcamp.com/
9PM – SUNSET HEARTS >>> http://sunsethearts.bandcamp.com/
10PM – MINIBOONE >>> http://miniboone.bandcamp.com/
11PM – SHARK? >>> http://sharkquestionmark.bandcamp.com/
12AM – CLOUDER >>> http://clouder.bandcamp.com/

co-sponsored by BreakThru Radio


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